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DCU Media Production Society is home to DCUtv, DCUfm & The College View. We take pride in producing Ireland’s best student-media! Love Media? Love MPS!

About Us

DCU’s Media Production Society was founded in 1985, with the aim of operating as a creative and social outlet to a broad variety of students within the university. Composed of three strands, MPS offers the opportunity for its members to gain practical experience in their chosen field of media and collaborate with other, like-minded creatives. Over our 39 years of experience, MPS has thrived across the board, winning a variety of awards at both a University and a National level.

DCUtv offers members the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the world of visual media. DCUtv not only encourages all MPS members to create video content, but also to gain hands-on experience in the more technical aspects of video production. Through annual events run by our TV team, such as the DCUtv 24 hour broadcast, MPS offers the chance to our members to come together and create, catering to all experience levels and interests, both in front of and behind the camera. In 2023, our DCUtv Team won “Best Promotional Video” at the BICS, which are the National Society Awards.

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DCUfm is Ireland’s Best Student Radio Station. DCUfm is run by our members and their wonderful ideas - you give us your concept and we show you how to take it on air. Additionally, our fantastic podcasting equipment allows members to continue their audio endeavours outside of the studio. DCUfm instils a profound love for audio creation in all of its members, with many of the station’s alumni currently working in stations such as Spin 103.8, Newstalk and FM104.

The College View is DCU’s student newspaper. TCV offers members a way to enhance their writing skills and explore different types of journalism - from hard news to wacky satire, from the latest sports scores to reviewing what’s in the cinema. Stories are published online on www.thecollegeview.ie. There’s opportunities to attend and cover events across campus and outside DCU - with the Editorial Team always looking for writers to give their own edge on what’s going on in the University.

After 39 years, thousands of members, (and not to mention a global pandemic), MPS continues to grow in numbers and talent year on year. This year, our passionate and dedicated Committee aims to see MPS succeed and function at the highest possible level, with weekly events, workshops and activities for all of our members. MPS seeks to present exciting opportunities to our members, both creatively and socially, and foster the immense potential within DCU students. We hope to continue to do so as we move forward in years to come.

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Why you should Join MPS

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Amazing Events

Wet your appetite with the wide range of our weekly events ranging from TV workshops all the way to FM Mixers with some College View events sprinkled in for good measure. Can’t forget about our 24hr DCUtv broadcast or our 12hr FM broadcast either!

Unparalleled Opportunities

Whether you see yourself in front of a radio mic in the FM Studio, behind a camera on a TV shoot or writing an article for the College View and everything in between, MPS is the place for you!

Friendly Faces

MPS prides itself on being full with approachable members who are always there for each other, both when it comes to society life but also college in general. You’re guaranteed to make friends for life in MPS!

It's Cool

Don’t believe us! Join and find out for yourself!!!

Awards History

  • Winner - Best Society in a Cultural/Academic/Social Field, DCU Society Awards 2024
  • Winner - Society Personality - Shane O'Loughlin, DCU Society Awards 2024
  • Winner - Individual Contribution to Society Life - Shane O'Loughlin, DCU Society Awards 2024
  • Winner - Individual Contribution to Society Life - Sarah Ó Tuama, DCU Society Awards 2024
  • Winner - Best Society Promotional Video, 2023 Board of Irish College Society Awards 2023
  • Winner - Best Society Publicity Campaign - DCUtv 24hr Broadcast, DCU Society Awards 2023
  • Winner - Best Society Promotional Video - Welcome to MPS '22/23, DCU Society Awards 2023
  • Winner - Individual Contribution to Society Life - Jack Collier, DCU Society Awards 2023
  • Winner - Best Charitable Contribution - (society), DCU Society Awards 2021
  • Winner - Best Society Poster - DCUfm 12hr Broadcast, DCU Society Awards 2021
  • Winner - Individual Contribution to Society Life - Ciara Breslin, DCU Society Awards 2021
  • Winner - Best Society in Ireland - Board of Irish College Society Awards 2015
  • Winner - Best Society Event - DCUtv 24hr Broadcast , DCU Society Awards 2014
  • Winner - Best Society, DCU Society Awards 2013
  • Winner - Best Online Presence 2012, The Board of Irish College Society Awards 2012
  • Winner - Best Communication & Marketing 2012, DCU Society Awards 2012
  • Winner - Best College Society in Ireland 2011, The Board of Irish College Society Awards 2011

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    MPS Alumni Stories

    Hear from our alumni who are working in the media industry!

    Leanne Hanafin

    Radio Presenter at 98FM

    Working as a full-time presenter, I can definitely say that MPS gave me the perfect starting ground in radio. I gained great experience through industry-standard facilities, had the opportunities to network with people already in the industry, and also had the best culture to build my confidence and love for media. I’m so grateful for my time in MPS, and look back with only fond memories!


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